Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding theme

I have several kits of wedding theme. They are every good as wedding gifts once finished. All of them are available in kits for $20 to $30.

Chairman Mao

He is a controversial icon in the world. He is Chairman Mao.
I have sold the kit already. Let me know if you are interested in a digital pattern for $5.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Fabric size: 9.5"*13.1", 24.2 * 33.5 cm
Grid: 105*145
$ 15

I am just jealous of people who live in a city with lots of flowers blooming in spring. How cozy this patio it is with pots of white, red, pink and blue flowers and the mood for leisure! Summer, summer! Please come to town. I want to go sailing, fishing, or sitting on a cool rock in the woods where tree crowns almost cover the sky, and reading the books I picked up from a great garage sale last week. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing this kit at  The price is always negotiable. XDXD

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yellow Chrysanthemum

Size: 10.5" *10.5", 26.6* 26.8 cm
Grid: 115*116
$ 15

My best friend cross stitched a set of four pieces of flowers for my wedding. I was so excited to have them hung in the house and add to my crafts collection. XDXD Have you ever received any gifts that melt you from inside?

If you are interested in this kit, please let me know. I can be reached at

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rosy Delight Tulip

Size: 40"*20", 103*51 cm
Grid: 445*221
$ 40

Another piece of tulips. Once finished, this work can be added to your gallery wall. Usually add one or two really big frames and an art wall immediately looks high-end. Give it a try.

I have been sitting by the window this morning, and sunshine is warm enough now. Tulips in my yard have already grown leaves from the ground. I just can't wait to see their little buds. XDXD

Email me if you are interested in this kit at

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Korean Traditional Wedding

Size:  17"*7.6",43.3 cm* 19.2 cm
Grids: 239*106
$  16

I don't understand Korean, but it looks like a traditional wedding. Give me an offer if you are interested. We can meet if you are in Calgary, or I will take paypal. XDXD

We are lone drifting ships; Our families, friendly shores

Fabric Size:16.1"*16.1", 41.1 cm*41.1 cm
Grids: 178*178
$ 18

The yellow character means family. Those smaller characters in black is a poem, which means we are lone drifting ships; our families, friendly shores.

This "family" character reminds me of a ceremony in my wedding last year. We had my husband, my dad and his dad write each of  the last three strokes of this character to demonstrate the meaning of three families now integrating into one.

All the kits I have posted, posting and will post contain cotton threads,  thread sorter, needle and pattern.Please email me at if you are interested. Price shown does not include shipping fees. XDXD