Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beautiful Additions to any personal library

Friend of friend of mine recommended Jimmy Liao's book to me when I was a teenager. Amazed by his watercolor illustrations, I was always lost in the details of the pictures and his beautiful and lyrical words. Nobody can resist the desire to read a book telling their own stories. You and me, and they, and everyone could be the characters in his stories. The way he explain things happen around is just wise enough to make me believe the beautiful hope is always there. If you are the kind of persons that don't like to be moved the soft bottom in the heart, then probably you need to watch out and be careful about Jimmy's productions.

Here just a few have been translated into English.

                                        Sound of Colors (English)

                                  When the Moon Forgot

                       The Blue Stone: A Journey Through Life

                       A Chance of Sunshine (Creative Editions)

These are the only four I can find on, but Jimmy Liao's books are way more than that. Probably just don't have the English version yet.

Here are some other books in Chinese.

                                        《One More Day with You》

                                                    《The Starry Starry Night》

                                  《Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault》

                                                     《Meeting You in Dreamscape》

                              《Thank you,FurryBunny,for a wonderful afternoon》

                                                         《Paradise Lost 》 Series

                                                              《Shiny and Moony》

                                                  《When I Missed My Cat》

                                                           《MR. WING》


                         《Love in the Cards》

                             《A Garden In My Heart》

                                                      《Secrets in the Woods》

So here is the only four we can get access to on AmazonSound of Colors (English)When the Moon ForgotThe Blue Stone: A Journey Through Life, and A Chance of Sunshine (Creative Editions).

Make sure you get one for your love ones, and also, it will be wonderful leisure for yourself, and then you will understand why I'm saying it's such fun to read picture books through 80+ pages. You will never be the same.

over and out.

By Cat

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