Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mermaid, tulips and a rose

Size: 13.6" * 16.3", 34.5*41.4 cm
Grids: 190*229
$ 23
Such a serene scene. Her smile calms me down.

Size: 11.8"*11.6", 30cm*29.6cm ( kinda of a square)
Grids: 130*128
$ 15
Our tulips should  come out  to the stage pretty soon in Zone 3 weather. They are the start notes of the first movement of the garden symphony.

Size: 7.9"*8.6", 20.1 cm* 21.9 cm
Grids: 87*95
I would need to find a cheapest way to ship these kits to you. It will be on my to-do-list for this weekend. If you are in Calgary, Canada, you are welcome to provide your phone number by emailing me at, and I will contact you to meet up.XDXD

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