Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas in cross stitch

I've been trying to stitch for years. However, I know I love it. Christmas this year, I'm going to start a new project about cross stitching. These are a few patterns I like.
cross stitch pattern Christmas Tree Bookmark
1. Skinny Christmas Tree. I wish I could be more skinny next year, even through I still have to sit all day to work

2. Red Stocking Collection.

3. Christmas Elf Fairy. She walks with a light graceful step.

4. Christmas visit. This one is more complex, but I love it!! XDXD
On the website, there are a lot of lovely patterns.

Here just a few I pick from the gallery.

5. Christmas tree. This picture is a little bit shy.

6. Christmas Alphabet. Isn't that cute?!! It's a Christmas stocking!!

7. Vinney from Sandy. She has a blog of treasures!!

8. Christmas Tree ornament. A tree for a tree. Following the link, you will know where to buy.

9.Christmas deer with ornaments and snowflakes. Deer is a tree, and a tree is a deer.

10. Snowflakes

11. Snowman's snowflake

I wish I can finish my last cross stitch project during these holidays this year. I'll put the picture up once I call it over.



  1. Hey Glad you posted this do you have any idea what the name of that pattern for the Christmas stocking was. I am desperate to find it as I did those decades ago for my family and not my girls are getting married and they want me to do one for their husbands. Which means eventually I will have grand kids that need them. Please let me know if you have any idea what the name of that pattern and who the publisher was. I can not recall and have lost the booklet many years ago in one of our multiple moves.

    1. Hi Randall, I can't recall the name of this pattern. Sorry about that.....Hope you will find it out someday.