Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day Symptoms

Boxing day was exciting. My husband, my cousin and I got up at around 6 am, and headed to Future shop and BestBuy. On the way, we were kind of surprised to find people were driving back already. They must camp outside stores we guessed.

I do love camping, even though it costs a good and warm sleep sometimes. However, camping in a civilized mall is something out of my dictionary so far.

When we arrived, we were convinced to act fast upon we saw other customers' tense faces.  Divided into two teams, we jumped into the crowd and aimed at our targets. My cousin and I grabbed a Xbox Kinect and an iTune card, while my husband was checking TVs in future shop. Fortunately, there was a BestBuy located in the same mall. Well, maybe I should not say it like that. It was not fortunately, but because we had done our homework. So, we went to BestBuy to hunt for other items on our shopping list. There was nothing more  delightful than finding out our 43" Samsung TV was still available in stock when the shelf was empty. In some degree, if you like people watching, boxing day could be a perfect day to celebrate. Lineups were in every directions. It didn't take us long to locate our stuff, but I think we stood in line longer. When we finally happily escaped from the mall, a TV, a Xbox Kinect, a computer, a Xbox control, Halo 3 and an iTune card were all on board.

To me, the most exciting part is the shopping process. This is pretty popular statement among my circle. Gathering must be one of the social function for our female ancestors thousands of years ago, so that the mark is carved so deep to affect even offspring in modern 2012.

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