Thursday, December 22, 2011

How do you know it is almost Christmas?

Our CEO got these from “The Book of Holiday Awesome”, and shared them with us. Now I am going to share with you:

1. Getting a Christmas card from someone you thought you lost touch with
2. Going into a grocery store and seeing the first shipment of eggnog
3. Plugging you Christmas lights in from last year and having them all work
4. That moment when there’s suddenly cookies, chocolates and candy everywhere
5. When your neighbor shovels your little patch of the sidewalk
6. When strangers wish you happy holidays
7. Eating all your chocolates in your Advent calendar at once
8. The smell of a fresh Christmas tree
9. Pulling out that old box of Christmas ornaments from when you were a kid
10. Finally finding the start of the roll of tape
11. Eating the first freshly baked cookie from the oven even though it’s way too hot
12. Forgetting you ordered a gift online and having it randomly show up
13. Just barely wrapping a gift with that tiny scrap of leftover paper
14. Nailing the perfect move in a Board game on Christmas Eve
15. When the Christmas tree gives the only light in the room
16. Waking up and realizing it is Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones

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