Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home library

I've always wished I can sit in my own library, having a half of the day to spend in reading one of my favorite books since I was in high school. The feeling of just sitting in the middle of piles and shelves of books itself is enough to make my day.

But it may take a looooooong time to complete the collection, or even it may just not have an end at all. If my books lay up like it shows above in the picture, then I will be blocked by this sort of small obstacle to get the bottom ones. Actually, that's really annoying.
Constance Settee
Constance Settee  Love it? To check the price!

Laura Ashley Metal Candlestick Holder, PewterLaura Ashley Metal Candlestick Holder, Pewter
It was $ 14.00,  but now it's $8.16.
It always reminds me of Aladdin's magic lamp.

All Natural Handmade Journal/Scrapbook - Butterfly Leaves Plain DesignAll Natural Handmade Journal/Scrapbook - Butterfly Leaves Plain 

I love natural designs. Can't help to stick to them. For this series, they have starfish as well. Also, photo albums are available which makes them a perfect gift for someone love nature or beach. Check it out!

Who can resist the desire to be accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea when reading a wonderful book in hands. Sometimes I might forget to sip, but merely the smell is a part of the atmosphere. It seems that it has to be that way to be called reading. Those beautiful cups and saucers are another reason. I just can't let them idle in the cupboard. Here they are!

Polish Pottery Flowering Peacock Cup and Saucer     

Polish Pottery Blue Horizon Cup & Saucer  Polish Pottery Blue Horizon Two Handle Soup Mug with Saucer  Polish Pottery Green Horizon Espresso Cup & Saucer

Designer Journals
Pomegranate Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Designs Large Leather Journal
I was thinking that probably I'm getting old to get used to and love the smell and touch of leather.

If you temporarily don't have many books on shelves, you can use this.
Library Books Wallpaper Border
It is 10.25" high and 15 feet long (4,57 m). Wall border has 18 inches pattern repeat.

Yes. Think about it! How do you want your private library to be? Make sure to check those links to get inspiration. Also, there is always some books around to help you out.

However, you don't actually need everything to settle down to enjoy the journey of reading.

By Cat

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