Thursday, August 19, 2010

Navy in Summer

The pullover is loose, but it shows your body shape. My feeling is unconstrained, free and comfortable.

Mango just always reminds me of Kate in Lost. I like the necklace, by the way.

Mango Women's Basic Tank Top, M, Chocolate
I just LOVE the necklace.

In Stock A-Line Skirt, AL, Red
Hey! Cheerleader! Rachel's lucky outfit!

French connection Women's Promenade Stripe Skirt,Black/White,12
$90      $54.91
French connection, huh, I can find some interesting staff there sometimes.

Davey Jones Cameo Necklace (Black/White)

U.S. Navy Medallion Pendant Necklace
It's like a medal, but it's really powerful!

Old Navy Womens Fashion Necklaces
I prefer not that powerful one.

Saville Stripe Polyester Scarf Rectangular - Saville / Purple
Different colors are available. I was attracted by the black and white one, but I think I'll change my mind.

By Cat

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